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About humanity.

About people.

About streets.

About photography.

A blog about candid street photography of people.

But what is street photography?

well my dears…(rubs hands and smiles), you can go to ten different photographers and get ten different answers on that.

Street photography to me is photography made in a candid way of people going about their lives unaware of the camera usually. It’s a candid documentation of society and all things about people. How they live, dress, eat, work and play.

London at night near Covent Garden – 2020

It does not have to be in black and white, although a lot of photographers (street & documentary) chose to use this. I love black and white. I also love color. I tend to shoot more in color, but seem to go back and forth on this. After all, life is in color 🙂

Spotted Cat music bar – New Orleans – 2016